These past couple of months have been an incredibly difficult time for people as they have been forced to quarantine due to the Coronavirus. Various people have lost loved ones while others have been laid off due to the financial difficulties that come with displacing people. Athletes have been going through a particularly hard time as they have been forced to give up their livelihood for an indefinite amount of time.

Things have been especially hard for Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard, who recently admitted he is going through a personal tragedy. As he explains, the mother of his six-year-old son passed away six weeks ago. Her death is not related to COVID-19 but the effects of the pandemic have made dealing with the tragedy that much more difficult.

Howard noted that he was able to attend the funeral and the entire proceedings have given him new perspectives on life and how to deal with challenges. The Lakers star has had a lot going on in his personal life over the last year and this is another example of Howard displaying his resiliency.

Hopefully, Howard and his son are safe and sound during these trying times.