Numerous incredible players have laced up for the Los Angeles Lakers over the years. They have some pretty incredible names hanging from the rafters and have at least three players you could put on the NBA Mount Rushmore. It's a franchise that will continue to boast legendary for years to come. A couple of the team's current players, Dwight Howard and Danny Green, recently spoke to Taylor Rooks for her Bleacher Report show, Take It There

During the episode, Howard and Green were asked to speak about some of the Lakers legends and which guys would end up on their all-time Lakers starting five. Howard's picks were all pretty obvious although Green certainly came in with some independent thought.

“I’ll take a different route,” Green said. “I’m gonna go with Magic at one, Kobe at two, LeBron at three, A.D. (Anthony Davis) at four, and a lot of people aren’t going to like this, but I’m going to go with Big Game James (James Worthy) at five.”

“At point guard, Magic Johnson,” Howard explained. “Two guard, Kobe Bryant. Three, I gotta go LeBron (James). Four, Shaq (Shaquille O’Neal). Five is Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar).

Both of these starting fives would dominate in any era so you can't be mad at Green for his alternative way of thinking. With these answers in mind, let us know what players you would pick for your all-time Lakers starting five.