Every time you blink, there's another Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson movie in theaters. Although Johnson's Rampage adaptation has barely left theaters, he's back with Skyscraper. Drawing influence from Die Hard, Skyscraper is a thriller about a man who goes to great lengths to save his family. His wife and kids are trapped in a skyscraper that is under attack and burning down. To make things even more interesting, Johnson's character in the film has a prosthetic leg.

Although Skyscraper missed the number one spot at the box-office for its opening weekend (Hotel Transylvania 3 took the top spot because...kids), it earned the number two spot. Johnson's latest film has grossed $24 million domestically since it was released late Thursday night. The wrestler turned actor took to social media to thank his fans for their support. "THANK YOU everyone for the SKYSCRAPER luv this past weekend," he wrote as the caption for a video he posted to Twitter. "For the first time ever, in a summer blockbuster, the lead character is an amputee. Not a villain, but the hero. And for the first time in one of my movies, the FEMALE LEAD is the one SAVING ME." Well, he kind of just spoiled the ending for me, but it's good to see a female lead taking control.