Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson may be busy promoting his Skyscraper movie and also working on his numerous other films, but it doesn't mean he can't chat about more upcoming remakes. A loyal fan tweeted at The Rock suggesting he and Seth Rogen team up with Kevin Hart for a modern version on the 1987 film, Three Men and A Baby. 

Dwayne joked that the characters would have to be altered just a little, forcing the title to really be "Two Men and a lil shit head.” Seth jumped in on the thread adding: "With no CGI, @KevinHart4real could easily play the baby."

As for Kevin's expectations of the role he just needs one thing: action. "I’m fine with that as long as the baby has a bunch of action scenes," he tweeted. 

It's safe to say the talk about a remake is all in good fun, but the trio teaming up for any kind of movie would be one worth watching.