Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is currently on a press tour for his upcoming film Rampage that hits theatres later this month. One of Dwayne's recent television visits was at Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he told the audience about his father and how he's about to get him a new whip.

Rocky Johnson was also a pro wrestler and since his days in the ring have long been over, he's had to undergo some surgery. "He's doing very good now," Dwayne said. "You know, it's just a tough life, the world of wrestling. He had both his knees done, he just had his hip done. So here's what’s funny out of this circumstance. He's a tough guy, he had his hip done, and I get a call from him."

Apparently, Rocky's doctor told him he needed a Cadillac Escalade despite the fact that Dwayne just purchased him a new car this past Christmas.

"Here's the thing," Dwayne explained, as seen in the video below. "I have this problem. I do have an issue, right? It's like a little sickness that I have where I really enjoy buying cars and giving cars to people . . . I'm the big, brown, bald, tattooed Oprah." 

Dwayne does say that if you ask him for a car, he won't get you one but if you suggest it - in the case of his father - start planning your road trip.