Dwayne Johnson isn't usually the type of man to answer to critics that call him out for his movements. Johnson has proved time and time again that he has a good heart, and a solid head on his shoulders. That's why when CNN's Oliver Darcy referenced an Instagram post of Johnson visiting Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, fans were shocked to see the former wrestler respond. 

In case you missed the news for the last two weeks, journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered while in Turkey under suspicious circumstances. Allegedly, a murder squad traveling with a bone saw touched down in Turkey from Saudia Arabian and kidnapped and dismembered the journalist. Khashoggi fled from Saudi last year after his progressive views rubbed powerful people the wrong way. Investigations into the matter are making the situation look sickening, and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is said to be mixed up in the plot. Now, everyone with a connection to the prince is being side-eyed. 

Johnson sat down with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman back in April for dinner, and Darcy decided to dig up the post of them enjoying dinner. "This Instagram post from @TheRock did not age well," he tweeted. Johnson had all the time in the world apparently, cause he struck back in the comments. "Such a silly, clickbait post, Oliver," he replied. "Im surprised you’d post this. Go back and really read my words. I listened and learned then. As I listen and learn now." Darcy attempted to use the response to further the debate, but he was met with silence. The Rock has spoken.