Earlier this week, Kevin Hart issued a video challenge to many of his celebrity colleagues in the world of music and entertainment to come through for the people of Houston and make $25,000 donations to the Red Cross to help in the efforts to provide aid to those who need it in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Multiple individuals, such as DJ Khaled, Chris Brown and T.I. answered the call, also urging Hart to set up an alternate pipeline for the donation money, with Hart obliging with his own donation space that has already raised over $208,000 and is open to anyone who wants to help in the relief efforts. Today, one of the world's biggest movie stars has also hopped on board with Hart's movement to help the people of Houston.

Dwayne Johnson, who was last seen in this summer's comedy reboot of Baywatch, took the time to post a video to his personal Instagram page, detailing not only his fundraising efforts, but also offering up some words of encouragement and support for those who have had their lives impacted in the worst way by the tropical storm. He drew on his personal experience, with he and his family having survived Hurricane Andrew, which was a Category Five storm that caused havoc in the state of Florida during August of 1992. As he says in the video, not only did he and his loved ones survive that horrific storm, but they also became stronger because of it. He encouraged those who have been devastated by the storm to keep the faith and believe that they can not only get through the rest of this crisis situation, but also rebuild their lives and overcome any obstacles that they will face in the aftermath of Harvey. It's a nice dose of positive reinforcement for the people of Houston that is sorely needed at the moment.

The good news is that more help is on the way for those who are desperately in need of shelter and safety. Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church is reportedly set to open its doors and welcome survivors later on today (August 29th).