It feels like Dwayne Johnson has a clone of himself somewhere. How many movies can one person star in? Every time you turn around, there's a new Dwayne Johnson film in theaters. The wrestler turned movie star plans to keep on building his resume as the years continue, and Johnson recently filmed a short teaser for his next Disney film alongside Emily Blunt. 

Much like they did with Pirates of the Carribean, Disney plans to turn their theme park ride "Jungle Cruise" into a film. The film will star Johnson and Blunt, but the plot details are scarce. Jungle Cruise will be an adventure film about a crew searching the wild for a tree that contains healing powers. Rampant animals and competing explorers will be the main antagonists in the film, and it all sounds eerily similar to a Pirates movie. 

Disney released a quick teaser of Jungle Cruise featuring Johnson and Blunt on set. Dressed as their characters, the two actors don't reveal much, but their chemistry is amazing. Blunt starts off the scene, but is quickly interrupted by Johnson. She feigns aggravation at first, but the two embrace in a friendly hug by the end of the teaser. Jungle Cruise hits theaters in October 2019.