The duo that is Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85, known as dvsn, are very good at letting their music speak for itself and not providing too much explanation on their artistic endeavors. Together they have released two full-length projects, Sept. 5th and more recently Morning After.

In a recent chat with Paper Magazinethe two musicians explain how they first linked up (not even two years ago) in Toronto simply because the city is "pretty close-knit" and you always "know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a producer" - in this case, Daniel knew a crew who knew Nineteen85 and they hit it off right away.

They credit Soundcloud for their success since they released "With Me" and "The Line" on the platform and someone "spotted it." Of course, Nineteen85 playing the songs during his spot on OVO Sound Radio helped too. 

When speaking of Toronto's musical success inside and outside the OVO roster, they can't help but credit Drake for really putting the city on the map. "I think Drake happened and made us all think it could happen," Daniel said. "He shone a light on The Weeknd and then PartyNextDoor came. All these other people were like, yo we could do this. The attitude changed from, "You're my competition," to "Yo, what's up?""

85 explains how he's "impressed" with young OVO member Roy Woods. "I feel like there's so much to him that people haven't seen. Obviously from hanging out with him and being in the studio with him," he says. "I know more than the average person, but I feel like when he gets the chance to actually show what he's got he's going to turn a lot of heads."

As for being known for making sex music, 85 assures the publication that it's "not weird."

"We just didn't think it would define us as much as it has," he says. "Now people are almost surprised when we show other sides of what we can do. It's like, Whoa we thought you guys only made bedroom music. Even some of the songs on the first project we didn't realize would be taken as sexy."

Watch their smooth rendition of their track "Claim" below.