Duke fans and NBA GMs are collectively holding in the wake of a freak accident which resulted in Zion Williamson exiting Saturday's contest against FSU. The following describes does the injury justice as a description. As you can see, the FSU defender Trent Forrest forms a claw with his fingers, poking Williamson directly in the eye. 

As a result of Forrest's mandible claw, Zion fell flat to the hard surface, with FSU assuming possession with Duke's undermanned for several seconds. Once the play stopped, Williamson sought the help of a Duke trainer to bring him to his feet. Zion was then carted off to the locker room, never to return.

After the game, Duke issued a statement concerning Zion's injury. Team officials cited "double vision" as the worst symptom to arise from the incident in question. Otherwise, Duke seemed chipper in regards to Zion's "improving" condition. They nonetheless prevented him from speaking to the press post-game, as a formality. RJ Barrett, Cam Reddish, and the other Duke Blue Devils were forced to adopt a lunch pale mentality the rest of the way. In the end, a Cam Reddish three would give Duke the narrow 80-78 victory over FSU. And thus, Zion Williamson walks away knowing he didn't have to suffer in vain.