Following the death of King Von, Quando Rondo was thrust into the spotlight as it was alleged that his crew was part of the altercation that led Von's passing. Numerous statements were made on social media, and eventually, Quando Rondo sat down with Angela Yee for a lengthy interview that took place in the back of a car. Rondo's demeanor in the interview was immediately criticized as it seemed like he was dodging questions and trying to make himself seem like a sympathetic character. 

Since that time, comedian Druski has been working on his Quando Rondo impersonation and this past week, he revealed it to the world. In a post on Instagram, Druski showed off a new skit in which he is sitting in the back of a car, dressed like Quando Rondo. The comedian is accompanied by a woman who is playing the role of Angela Yee, and as you can see, he is really hitting all of the marks.

Druski & Jack Harlow

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

Throughout the entire skit, Druski goes on some incoherent rants that are meant to mimic the way in which Quando Rondo recounted his own story. From there, he constantly uses the word "ma'am" which is a word that Rondo repeated quite a bit in his interview. Fans thought the entire skit was pretty hilarious as people like Lil Yachty and Adin Ross left positive comments. 

If you've seen the original Rondo interview, you would quickly come to realize that the Druski impression is pretty spot on. Let us know what you thought about the skit, in the comments below.