Zion Williamson was the first overall pick in this year's NBA Entry Draft and there are already a ton of expectations being put on him. While it may not be fair to do so just yet, some people are labeling Zion as a star, even though he's only played all of nine minutes of Summer League action with his new squad. As of right now, Williamson is training and trying to get in shape for the new season so that he can live up to the hype. In between his workouts, Williamson has been out and about and enjoying the city of New Orleans. He's also been able to hang out with the New Orleans Saints, who had him show up to training camp yesterday.

In addition to showing off his cannon of an arm, Williamson was asked by Drew Brees to partake in a bit of a shooting contest with some of the other members of the Saints. 


The competition was fairly entertaining although perhaps the highlight was Brees and just how clean his jump shot is. His swish near the end of the video seemed to catch everyone by surprise, especially since Brees doesn't look like the type of guy who can shoot like that.

As for Williamson, he did alright although it's clear that dunking is his strong suit.