By all accounts, the NBA's Dress Code that went into effect in 2005 was a conscious effort by the league to prevent players from dressing like Allen Iverson. 

The dress code banned fashion trends most often associated with hip hop culture at the time, specifically jerseys, baggy jeans and shirts, hats, durags, gaudy jewelry, sneakers and Timberland boots. AKA, exactly what Allen Iverson used to wear before and after games. 

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Allen Iverson's most iconic signature shoe Reebok has just released this "Dress Code" Question which commemorates the rule that targeted A.I. and those that dressed like him. 

The kicks are constructed of a variety of materials including leather, suede, mesh and denim- representing the baggy jeans of that era- as well as some Timberland inspired attributes and a "banned" logo on the heel in place of the traditional #3. 

The "Dress Code" Reebok Questions are available now at select Reebok retailers including for the price tag of $140.