Comedian Dave Chappelle's latest Netflix stand-up special Sticks & Stones has been making headlines. The famed funnyman is known for pushing the envelope and he didn't falter from that routine with his latest jokes. He tackled controversial topics including Kevin Hart stepping down from hosting the Academy Awards, Louis C.K. being accused of sexual misconduct, the LGBTQIA or "Alphabet People" being offended by his jokes, and, of course, the R. Kelly scandal.

According to Chappelle, Surviving R. Kelly director Dream Hampton contacted him and asked if he would be involved with the Lifetime project. He said he turned her down but was surprised to hear his name being mentioned after the docuseries aired. "Dream’s promoting the sh*t and she keeps bringing me up. She said, 'I asked Dave Chappelle to be in my documentary, and he said it was too hot for TV.' B*tch, I did not say that. That does not even sound like how I talk." Chappelle then mocked her by overexaggerating the word, "Too hot for TV."

She may have been the punchline to his joke, but Hampton took to Twitter to clear her name. "Quick fact check: I didn't personally (or casually) invite Chappelle to be interviewed for the doc," she wrote. "The producer responsible for celeb outreach officially asked him, more than once. I haven't seen or talked to him in about 8 years. Weird he told his joke that way." She also used his joke against him by saying, "I also have never in my life said the words 'too hot for tv', because, B*tch, that's not how I sound."