Golden State Warriors All Star forward Draymond Green doesn't appear to be a fan of ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst. 

During a recent segment on ESPN's "NBA Countdown," Windhorst and his colleagues were discussing the relationship between NBA players and officials, particularly recent comments made by Kevin Durant. While discussing Durant's beef with the officials, Windhorst brought up how earlier this month Draymond Green said, "Every referee should be fired."

Draymond was apparently tuned into NBA Countdown at the time, and he wasn't happy that his name got brought up in the conversation. He quickly sent out a tweet in which he referred to Windhorst as "no neck." 

Durant was ejected from Tuesday night's win over the New York Knicks, and later criticized referee James Williams, saying he felt targeted by the officiating crew. Windhorst actually appeared to be defending Durant, explaining how the refs were targeting him, but Draymond clearly did not want to hear his name mentioned.

KD, who will likely receive a fine for blasting the refs, later apologized for behaving like a "jerk." After yesterday's practice he told reporters (H/T, "I wish I had handled that better obviously but it was kind of a heat-of-the-moment for me. I could be better. It was a great learning experience for me though," Durant said after practice. "... I wasn't getting picked on last night. I was being a diva last night. I've got to just own up to it. I watched it when I got home. I was wondering why he was coming at me so hard but then I watched the plays I was like, `Yeah, I looked like a jerk out there.' It was bad. Luckily we won and we can move past it and I kind of owned up to it. I'll be better next time."