Draymond Green and Drake got into a bit of a heated exchange at the end of Game 1 of the NBA Finals last night as the Toronto Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors by a score of 118-109. Drake and Green got into each other's faces and it appeared as though Drake called him "trash" as he was walking away. Green was the only player to pick up a triple-double in last night's game, although he did let Pascal Siakim drop 32 points on his head, so maybe there was some credence to what Drake had to say.

After the game, Green downplayed the exchange between the two and now that a new day is upon us, he has decided to keep the trolling alive. Green took to the streets of Toronto where he donned a red OVO hoodie and posted the video to his Instagram story. Perhaps this was a dig at how Drake wore a Dell Curry Raptors jersey who is, of course, the father of Steph Curry.

Draymond hasn't posted about whether or not he was approached by any Raptors fans as there will surely be someone out there who recognizes him. With the Raptors trying to win their first NBA Title, Green isn't exactly the most popular person in the city right now. 

It will be interesting to see how Drake decides to troll the Warriors next game. Maybe a Kevin Durant New York Knicks jersey would do the trick.