Draymond Green seemingly got his wish, but it certainly came at the expense of the Golden State Warriors undergoing an overhaul of their roster. You'll be inclined to remember the conflict situation that pitted Draymond and Kevin Durantagainst one another, early in the season. Despite the fissure, it created within the dressing room, for the remainder of the season, the Warriors managed to get within a few games of repeating as NBA champions.


Now that Kevin Durant is nursing his injuries in Brooklyn, Draymond and company are expected to endure a down year in the power-shifting Western Conference. Even so, Draymond compensated for his trouble and the merit of his past exploits. His 4-year extension puts his base salary right at the max, covering the additional 4 years to the remaining 1 year on his current deal. Over the course of the deal, Draymond will be paid $22.2 million, $24 million, $25.8 million and $27.6 million in the final 4 terms, totaling $118 million over 5 years. To save you the trouble of mental calculation: the final year on his current deal comes out to $18.5 million.

As stated by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, both sides were eager to an extension finalized before the start of 2019-2020. There is a precedent for dysfunction or distraction rather when these kinds of contract negotiations spill into the season. Draymond Green is a safe bet to earn a spot on either the 1st or 2nd NBA All-Defensive team at the end of 2019-2020. If successful, it would be his 6th berth in succession. Is Draymond worth a max? Hit us with your thoughts down below.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images