Draymond Green held a press conference for his Defensive Player of the Year award last night, which he used as an opportunity to continue his playful feud with Drake, who had roasted him for his questionable outfit at the NBA Awards Show.

For those of you who missed it, Draymond donned a colorful suit jacket, bow tie and a pair of shorts at the awards show, which made him an easy target for Drake, who hosted the show, as well as everyone on twitter.

During the press conference yesterday, Draymond was asked about his absurd outfit and responded by taking another lighthearted jab at Drake.

"Drake talking about fashion does not work," Green says. "It just doesn’t work… I can’t wear anything that he thinks is OK. I don’t expect him to understand. It’s fine… if he approves, you’re all wrong, all the way wrong."

Additionally, Draymond was recently trashing the shoes Drake wore to the NBA Awards Show.

Check out his comments from the press conference as well as his recent Snapchats about Drake below.