Draymond Green has been doing a whole lot of talking as of late and we can only imagine how all of his teammates must feel about it. Most of his comments have been about none other than Kevin Durant and how the Brooklyn Nets superstar became upset with the Warriors organization. Green says he had quite a few problems with Durant and that their infamous argument last season occurred because Durant was starting to mouth off to various other players on the team.

During an episode of the "All The Smoke" podcast, Green admits that he was becoming so frustrated with KD that he eventually told general manager Bob Myers and head coach Steve Kerr about how the superstar was acting. Green went on to explain that there was a specific game in which KD crossed the line.

Per Green:

“He comes to the bench and he slaps the bench like, ‘Yo! Pass me the f***ing ball.’ I’m like, ‘Get the f*** outta here. F***ing run then.’ And he’s like, ‘You heard what the f*** I said’ and slaps the chair: ‘Pass me the f***ing ball.’ I’m like, ‘Yo, you better calm the f*** down. I don’t know who the f*** you think you’re talking to.’"

Green says the argument in the huddle became so heated that DeMarcus Cousins had to take Green aside and tell him to calm down. Cousins was on Green's side but he wanted cooler heads to prevail.

With this new information in mind, it seems like the Warriors locker room was certainly a toxic place to be last season.