Converse is one of the most legendary sneaker brands in the world and over the past couple of years, they have been trying to get back into the basketball space. They recently signed Kelly Oubre Jr. to their roster and now, Draymond Green is getting his very own deal. The deal was announced a couple of days ago and last night, Green got to debut the Converse G4 which is their latest basketball shoe constructed for the hardcourt.

In a press release issued by Converse, Green spoke about the partnership and how much it means to him.

“Converse is family. When you talk about the brand you’re talking about legends like Julius “Dr. J” Erving amongst other greats. Those names helped establish Converse as a leader and an important name in basketball footwear,” Green said. “Forming a roster that lives up to those expectations is anexciting challenge we all look forward to. If I get to conquer it with family, it don’t get no sweeter than that.”

Draymond Green

Image via Converse

The Converse G4 actually uses multiple Nike technologies. For instance, there is Nike React cushioning in the heel and Nike Air Zoom on the front portion of the midsole. These elements come together to form a comfortable and dynamic performance sneaker.

According to Converse, the high-top and low-top versions will be dropping soon for $120 and $110 USD, respectively.