Heading into this season, pundits knew the Golden State Warriors wouldn't be as good as they used to be. Without Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, the Warriors just aren't the same team. Steph Curry and Draymond Green are good but they can't do it all. With this in mind, many had the Warriors making the playoffs but as a seventh or eighth seed. Thanks to an injury to Curry earlier in the season, the Warriors have been truly abysmal and continue to struggle out on the court. In fact, the team has the worst record in the NBA.

Green has been quite frustrated throughout this process and has let his feelings be known. Yesterday, Green was asked about what he hopes to achieve this season which led to a joke answer. In the clip below, Green says “A buyout. Get to a playoff team...I’m just playing.” Green then went on to say he hopes to keep improving and eventually, the team will get out of its slump.

If your a Warriors fan, this season has definitely been one to forget. The vast majority of Warriors fans are used to seeing the team go to the NBA Finals every season, so we can imagine this has been a traumatizing experience for the bandwagon. Once Steph and Klay come back, we're sure they'll be just fine.