Draymond Green has been one of the more vocal players in the NBA for quite some time now. As a member of the Golden State Warriors, Green has proven himself as a champion and is respected by his peers. Throughout the NBA playoffs, Green has been a member of the media as he has provided analysis for the NBA on TNT crew.

In a recent appearance, Green spoke about the chemistry between Anthony Davis and LeBron James, while also commenting on the media's role in covering teams. At one point, Green noted that he doesn't like having the media in the locker room and that it should remain a sacred place for the players.

"Well, I think there are always things that are going to happen in the locker room that shouldn't get out," Green said. "One thing I've always had a problem with is when media is in the locker room. I feel like the locker room is a sacred place for a team and it's a place only the teammates should be in because that's where you settle your differences, that's where everybody can put everything on the table."

Post-game interviews in the locker room have been a thing forever now, but with the Coronavirus, they have come to a sharp end. Perhaps this will lead to the eradication of locker room access, once things go back to normal.