Speaking about the Celtics emotional reaction to their Game 2 loss to the Heat, Draymond Green says winning teams argue more than losing teams.

Draymond Green, Celtics, NBAEzra Shaw/Getty Images

“The reality is, though, I think winning teams argue way more than losing teams,” Green said. “Because losing teams, they bicker. So if I’m on a losing team, I’m gonna come to you, Ernie, and say, ‘Hey man, Shaq ain’t pass me the ball and he’s freezing me out.’ And then you partner up with me, and me and you look at Shaq like he’s crazy. A winning team is gonna say, ‘Jayson, your body language was terrible in the first quarter,’ because that’s what I saw when I was watching the game. Their offense is on the run, they’re up a couple points, and he’s not touching the ball and he’s dropping his shoulders, but you’re the best player on the team. So yes, I am going to say something about that.

“Winning teams will always argue more than losing teams,” Green continued. “And in fact, the media can love losing teams if they want, if they don’t want any arguing, and those teams will just lose, and that’s that.”

After the loss, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that head coach Brad Stevens held a meeting with his players to "work through emotions." Marcus Smart was reportedly verbally upset with him teammates after the game. Woj explains, "Brad Stevens had a late night Thursday meeting with Celtics leaders – Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart – to work through emotions of post-Game 2 locker room. A lot of yelling in locker room, but nothing escalated to a physical confrontation."

The Heat and Celtics will face each other once again in Game 3, Saturday night.