The resentment over the Tristan Thompson/Draymond Green Game 1 ball-shoving incident seems to be restricted to Tristan or members of his entourage. LeBron James didn't mind posting up with Golden State's defensive specialist, even after consecutive battles in the playoffs against him and his teammates.

The alleged fight between Tristan Thompson and Draymond Green is believed to have occurred someplace between LeBron James' Uninterrupted party at The Highlight Room and the pilgrimage to Delilah nightclub in West Hollywood. TMZ has us covered with footage of Draymond and LeBron "making friendly" moments before the Tristan Thompson altercation. Witnesses say everybody involved, including Dray, were all in good spirits. The vote of confidence he may have received from LeBron may have contributed to him building up the courage to confront Tristan Thompson. Then again, when has Draymond Green ever lacked in confidence?

As reported, Draymond allegedly tried to squash the tension with Tristan Thompson shortly after the ESPYs ceremony both attended. Seeing as the NBA has become a groupable cast of popular kids overlooking over scant remains aka the rest of the league, Draymond mustered his best shot at making up with Tristan. Little did he know, knuckle sandwich were on the menu, no thanks to LeBron or his network of "trust." A rendez-vous in next year's playoffs seems highly unlikely.