A slight social media flex went left for Draya Michele after she shared a photo of her factory workers on Instagram. Many have watched as Draya has grown from a model to a reality star on Basketball Wives to a social media influencer to a fashion designer and business owner. It seems that she wanted to tease that other celebrities are enjoying their summer vacations overseas while she's hard at work.

"Everyone's in europe and i'm just here ceo-ing," she captioned her Instagram Story post. It showed a bird's eye view of factory workers in front of sewing machines as piles of fabric and clothing surrounded them. It was assumed these were garments and bathing suits being made for her Mint Swim brand.

It looked as if Draya wanted to show that she has been opting to cancel vacations in order to keep her business successful, but the internet quickly responded with accusations that she was peddling a sweatshop. Many people complained that this wasn't the flex that Draya may have intended it to be while others demanded to know how much the workers were being paid.

Draya has yet to acknowledge the accusations publicly, but you can check out her post and a few reactions below.