DRAM's debut album arrived just over two years ago and now it looks like we'll finally get the follow-up to the effort in 2019. 

It was on Saturday (Dec. 29th) that DRAM stepped onto Twitter to ease inquiring minds after one fan wrote, "I’m tryna hear more from @BIGBABYDRAM in 2019."

He soon replied with assurance: "You most definitely will✨."

It was a double down on an earlier response when one user as just "when are we going to get another album." To that question, he confirmed that a new LP would be arriving in 2019. 

"I swear," he added for insurance.

This year, DRAM delivered on three-track EP, That's A Girl's Name in July. While he took a considerable break from musical outputs, he did also find time to land a role in an upcoming Adult Swim cartoon with Vince Staples in a new project helmed by Boondocks creator Carl Jones. 

Naturally, eyes will be set on seeing if DRAM can recreate the energy surrounding 2016's "Broccoli" era which earned the VA singer and rapper 7x-Platinum status and a GRAMMY nomination in 2017.

DRAM now joins a host of other artists who have promised to deliver their latest output in the new year. Notably, Rihanna has continued to tease fans with the whereabouts of her project.