We've seen a few rappers do the whole name change thing, most recently Preme who was formerly known as P Reign. Now the Virgina rapper DRAM has hopped on the bandwagon changing up his stage name, from the previous D.R.A.M.

In a hilarious attempt to make his new name known, DRAM and his crew teamed up with Funny or Die to do a little skit on the four periods that have since left his name. 

In nearly five minutes the comedy sketch sees DRAM acting as the possible father to four periods named Joshua, Kimberly, Manwell and Dotty. The whole clip follows the usual happenings of any Maury episode where a woman claims that a certain man is the father of her children - in this case, L'Brenda says DRAM is the dad to the four periods, despite him trying to ditch the responsibility.

In the video, L' Brenda says if DRAM thinks he's not the father it's because he's "smoking too much Brocollii," get it?

The latest release we heard from DRAM was on the track "Ill Nana" featuring Trippie Redd. The Slade Da Monsta-produced beat is a bouncy one that hears both artists rapping and singing about wanting some lady parts.  “lll Nana, she got that ill nana, Damn it feel so good/ make me want throw my kielbasa in that/ Ill Nana, she got that ill nana/ Berry is so sweet, it make me throw my big banana in it,” DRAM sings.

The last visuals we saw from DRAM was the NSFW video to the track "Gilligan" featuring A$AP Rocky and Juicy J. The tracked was dropped in April, and the video only got released at the end of August. The later visual treatment seemed like a sure way in keeping the track on top of charts as the song was DRAM's first release of 2017. 

Watch the Funny or Die skit below to see if DRAM is, or is not the father.