While he's yet to announce a proper follow-up to his excellent debut album, D.R.A.M. has been sharing clues to the direction he'll be going in on his next project. Today, he's previewed a new track with Trippie Redd, who you may know as L.A.-based rapper building a strong following on SoundCloud with tracks like "Love Scars." The song seems to steer closer to Trippie's regular territory than D.R.A.M.'s, featuring dreamy synth sounds that recall his past work. D.R.A.M. shared the snippet through a video posted to Twitter. The singer can be seen vibing out to the track as he leans in from the back of his Uber and the driver does his best to be inconspicuous.


In June, D.R.A.M. shared a snippet of a song with SmokePurpp, yet another very young rapper making his name on SoundCloud. Earlier this year, he shared three new songs: "Group Thang" and "The Uber Song," which recaptured the gleeful pop-R&B found on his debut, and "Gilligan" with A$AP Rocky and Juicy J, which hinted at a heavier, darker, more rap-influenced direction. On top of that, he's put in features with Calvin Harris, Gorillaz, and Snakehips, showcasing his versatility. 

In 2016, D.R.A.M. spoke to Billboard about how his tendency to do it all stylistically makes certain labels like 'rapper' extremely limiting. "You could call it a gift and a curse to be stigmatized as a rapper," he said. "I mean, I'm big, black, dreaded, smoking a blunt while we do this interview -- you look and see 'hip-hop artist.' But when you're a singer you're doing Ellen and the world gets way broader... On the low, I sort of over-stand what's going on. You can block someone's blessings a certain percentage if you label them as something and they do more, you know?"

Here's hoping that this preview means some new music is on the way. Until then, Big Baby DRAM is still getting plenty of play.