DRAM Crashes A Swingers Party In The "Best Hugs" Video

Trevor Smith
August 08, 2018 14:48

It's probably not what you'd expect given the title.

While rap has consistently produced some of the best music videos of all time, there are still a lot of treatments that are very by-the-numbers. That much is never true for D.R.A.M., who always comes with fresh ideas for his visuals and often defies expectations when it comes to concepts. "Best Hugs" is a good example -- rather than putting together a wholesome, cuddly video for the song, DRAM has crashed a swingers party that may or may not be taking place in the 70s. He's a good 20 years younger than anyone else in the video, but far from the wildest personality featured. You really have to watch it to understand.

The song comes off DRAM's surprise EP That's A Girls Name, released in July. His debut album Big Baby DRAM was released in 2016, and remains an underrated gem. In 2017, DRAM released a deluxe edition of the project complete with bonus tracks. Here's hoping that the official follow-up arrives soon!

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