Like any good big baby, DRAM has love for the childhood gems. Rugrats and Pokémon get a shout-out, as they should. "Tommy Pickles from Rugrats," reflects DRAM. "I mean I fuckin' love that show. I was there from day one. It's really dope to get that perspective, he was just like a fuckin' leader. He didn't have all the tools, but was gonna figure it out somehow." He goes on to recount some of his favorite episodes with a staggering attention to detail, including an eloquent breakdown of an Angelica-centric nightmare sequence. Respect it.

Upon receiving a binder full of OG Pokémon cards, DRAM can barely contain his excitement. "I should get back on my shit," he laughs. "I used to have a binder, sixth grade...I love Squirtle, that whole thing going with Blastoise....Pidgeot! I had a Pidgeot!" He goes on to talk about the fateful Christmas of 99', when he and his brother both received a pack of Pokemon cards. "He had one with a Bulbasaur on the cover, I picked the one with the Charizard. Lesson learned. Judgin' a book by its cover gets you nothing. I got nothin' but a fuckin' Beedrill, and it wasn't even holographic. My brother got a Charizard. A holographic Charizard. God damn...I was mortified."

On a more music-related note, DRAM opens up about his experience on the DAMN Tour with Kendrick Lamar and YG. Check out the interview for more from the Big Baby, who recently linked up with Diplo for a soulful jam.