Nearly one month ago, we published a piece about the evolution of Drake's accents in his music. The man's voice is perpetually evolving, adapting to different cultures and blending them all into his Toronto vibe. We've heard him test out a Southern twang, a Caribbean flavor, a Spanish accent and, most prominently, his United Kingdom flow. Drake loves to associate himself with the culture across the pond. He revitalized Top Boy earlier this year and brought together a bunch of grime artists to complete the soundtrack. He's also signed a slew of London-based artists to the OVO label. Kicking off Christmas Eve, Drake appeared from out of nowhere to surprise us with the "War" freestyle, releasing a music video on the side and debuting a new sound in his flows. Fans are undecided on if they're feeling his accent in the song though.

This is one of the more blatant U.K.-inspired tracks that Drake has ever dropped, adopting English articulation and dropping bars as only he can. The song is filled with quotable lyrics that will soon become Instagram captions, something that Drizzy even speaks on in the record. We've gathered a bunch of reactions below from fans who aren't quite sure if they're messing with the "new" Drake. With "UK Drake" trending on Twitter this morning, let us know how you feel about this version of the icon and drop some gems in the comments.