Drake recently had an interview with The Village Voice, and he spoke on a variety of topics. Check out some of what he had to say.

On A$AP Rocky:

"I like his fascination with Houston culture; I've always been fascinated by the same thing. I like that it's less about just him and more about his crew, which is how I live my life. Drake is not one person; Drake is all of us, you know? I like that a lot. And then when I met him he was just so cordial. Like he brought me a bottle of Cristal to where I was DJing at, which was very classy of him. He invited me to his show and even came to the back door and made sure we were good; he's just a very great person. He's a very talented guy, and there's not really much advice to give somebody like that. If he ever asks me about anything I'd be more than happy to have a conversation with him, but he's a good person and he's already on the right path. Much like Kendrick Lamar as well, another guy who's just a great person, good heart, good team around him. I like people like that."

On Phonte:

"With me and Tay, I kinda dropped the ball on a feature he needed me to do, just being 100% honest. I really wanted to do a record with him, and we actually did do a record for my album, and then something happened with the producer and the beat, and it started getting funny so I had to scrap the record. And then he was like, "Well, can you do this feature for me," and at the time I was trying to find my sound and trying to figure out what this album was going to be about, and I kind of let it slip through the cracks. That was my fault, and I do apologize to Phonte for that. But I still want to make it happen; I talked to 9th Wonder about trying to make it happen, we'll get it eventually. He knows he's one of the biggest influences on my career."

On Rap Battles & Betting Nelly 50k:

"I'm a huge fan of the battle scene. I've always been a fan of Hollow Da Don. Obviously The-Saurus is nasty; Iron Solomon is nasty. I always watch the URL TV battles even though I was really mad at the last one they did because the sound was so bad. But yeah, it gets me excited in the studio, to watch these rappers, to see them rap for a whole different cause. I rap to make albums; I rap to make radio records. But these guys prep for these competitions where my heart would be beating out of my chest if I ever stepped to another guy and I had to battle him [for] three rounds, long-ass rounds with so many raps to remember. So I get very inspired by that, seeing other people doing the same thing but doing it so differently.

I bet on Hollow because, well I'll always bet on Hollow, he's nasty. I like Hitman Holla [Nelly bet on Hitman Holla] but Hollow's just more consistent, and obviously Hollow Da Don won the battle.

Nelly hasn't paid me up. But he will though! [laughing] Nelly will pay up. He's a man of his word."