I will reject any call to arms in the Korean peninsula, even at the risk of upsetting the greatest Pseudo-American of our time, Aubrey Graham. Let's not peer into the mindset of a deranged Aubrey Graham as he witnesses his SoundCloud streaming record reduced to mush by a K-Pop bandmate with plans to go solo. With that said check out "약속 (Promise)," the latest musical offering to come out of the BTS' production house.

Make no mistake about it, K-Pop has the kind of Global outreach only rivaled by someone of Drake's standing. Up until right this second, Drake held the SoundCloud record of 4.9 million streams in a 24 hour period for his "Duppy Freestyle" diss directed at Pusha-T - compared to the totals engendered by Jimin of K-Pop juggernaut BTS within the same timeframe: a startling 8.5 million.

Jimin's encroachment on Drake's "turf" is obviously not a call to arms in the biblical sense. K-Pop superstars like Jimin are uniquely positioned to beat Drake at his own game (monopoly). What if Jimin re-recorded a Drake song, running him obsolete in the foreign market. Fight, flight, or do one better - the next move is yours Aubrey Graham.