Can you remember a time when Drakedid not have the charts on smash? The rapper has been a dominant force in pop culture, as a whole, with the numbers to back it up. To this day, he finds new ways to break Billboard records, even when it seems that he's reached every known milestone on the chart.

David Becker/Getty Images

On Sunday night, the rapper will receive the glowing honor of being Billboard's Artist Of The Decade. Thankfully, Billboard honors people based on numbers so there's not much to argue in that sense but in the wake of COVID-19 era award shows, not everyone has been able to bask in the glory on live television. However, as things open up, it looks like the BBMAs are expecting to have a few stars in physical attendance including tomorrow night's man of the hour. 

According to TMZ,  Sandi Graham, Drake's mother, and his son Adonis are both expected to be seated front row and center during tomorrow night's ceremony. This will mark the first time Drake brings his son to a public award show-type setting. What better way than to celebrate Drake's 10-year reign at the top of the Billboard charts.

Maybe Drake will finally announce a release date for CLB. What's your favorite Drake hit from the past decade?