While Scorpion is busy breaking streaming records and Drake is landing titles such as the RIAA’s biggest digital sales artist, the superstar’s fifth studio album will be available to the masses in a physical release soon. According to a current pre-order campaign on Amazon, a CD version of Scorpion will be released on Friday, July 13th at a price of $18 given its double disc status.

The era of streaming has meant a new avenue in getting music out to the masses on time without a leak beforehand. Once upon a time, when CDs were the latest frontier in music consumption, it became all too common for someone within a manufacturing unit to rip a disc and get it out before schedule.

Now, it’s become customary for physical releases to arrive some weeks after the digital debut. Very soon though, CDs may be a thing of the past altogether. Most recently, Best Buy announced its intent to stop selling CDs in its store after the CD sales dropped 18.5 percent from last year with the electronics giant only making about $40 million on sales.

They do, however, ensure that they will continue to sell vinyl records. The vinyl format finds its worth in the nostalgic and vintage niche that keeps buyers interested. Perhaps one day, CDs will hold the same value.