It goes without saying that Drake will make his fans "get over here" with Scorpion, his long-awaited double album set to arrive at midnight. Though public perception on the larger-than-life figure has been shaken of late, there's little doubt that the masses will show out in droves to hear Drizzy's latest offering. Curiously enough, even his biggest detractors will most-probably tune in for the "hate-listen." Such is the magnitude of Scorpion, appropriate given the formidable nature of its Mortal Kombat namesake. 

Given the myriad sales records Drake seems to break every other week, many have already projected Scorpion to follow-suit, even after Pusha T hit him with the literal babality with "The Story Of Adidon." Yet it would appear that Drake's upcoming project may have one additional hurdle to overcome, albeit the scope of said hurdle has yet to  be determined. Apparently, Billboard has been ushering in a new weighting system to determine what makes the charts, with all changes set to kick in tomorrow, June 29th. 

Under the new system, streams from paid services will be weighed higher than those on free, ad-supported services. Therefore, one has to wonder if his monumental numbers will continue to be reflected moving forward. Either way, Scorpion is nearly upon us, and all manner of burning questions will soon be answered.

Peep the rundown below.