Drake's "Passionfruit" was one of the most successful singles off of the rapper's album/playlist More Life, a collection of tracks that helped him reassert and strengthen his dominance in the music industry. Full of some stellar production moments, More Life nevertheless positions "Passionfruit" as a song that sounds a little more eclectic to the average listener, even by Drake standards. In a new video published by Genius, London-based producer Nana Rogues gives the track's beat a backstory.

Rogues even echoes the sentiment of the single's overall sound being a little off-center in terms of rap trends, an interesting stance to take on a track that would eventually at No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. "The vibe is weird," he said. "Every time I explain to people, people look at me funny. So basically, when I made the beat I was thinking of clouds. Like clouds in a jungle filled full of love. But not love from a girl. Love from life, and appreciation just a nice fluffy, bouncy."

Rogue, who started making beats when he was 13, credits his mother's varied musical palette as a great source of inspiration for him, listening to artists like Bob Marley, Kenny Rogers and The Carpenters as a result. He's also fashioned hits for Tinie Tempah and Anne-Marie, so he's a man with a Midas touch when it comes to working on records that can later become surefire radio hits.

Pi'erre Bourne is just one of the names that is said to be producing on Drake's next album, so maybe we'll be seeing the instrumental stylings on Drizzy's music go in yet another uncharted direction.