For whatever reason, rappers tend to be rather casual where their "books of rhymes" are concerned. It's not uncommon for said books to turn up missing, often falling into the hands of industrious people eager to turn a profit. Now, TMZ has reported that a page out of Drake's old rhyme book has hit the auction market, which features both footnotes for his artistic bio and a handwritten promise to his mother: "I will clean my room when I come home." 

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Along with the handwritten promise to his mom, the letter also provides deeper insight into Drake's musical influences, at least in the early stages. From the look of it, he broke down a few key points of mentions for his artist bio, citing Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Will Smith, Lil Bow Wow, Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G, and Al Green as his main influences. It's interesting to see the thought process employed here, though it's difficult to imagine the megastar grinding on the indie circuit, breaking down the science behind a press kit. One has to wonder how the Bow Wow influence has manifested across the years; perhaps a closer analysis is required.

You can buy this very page through the Moments In Time's website, a must-have for anybody who dare call themselves a true Drake "Stan." Clearly, there's a market for Young Money rhyme book pages, and one has to wonder how Drake feels about this one, given Wayne's annoyed response to the process. You can read the whole page, including both bio and note, right here