During his lengthy tenure with the Toronto Raptors, DeMar DeRozan proved his loyalty to the team on more than one occasion, recently resigning with the team instead of opting to play in his hometown of Los Angeles. The team's most prominent superstar of the last few years, DeMar was seemingly blindsided by the front office as they shipped him off to San Antonio in a trade for Kawhi Leonard. While fans should be celebrating the arrival of a superstar player, they are also hurt by the departure of one of their most beloved players. One Toronto fan was so hurt that they had restructured Drake's famous "Marvin's Room" to include only lyrics about the DeMar trade.

Titling the new song as "DeMarvin's Room," the NBA fan posted their version of the Drizzy track on Reddit. With lyrics like, "Cups of Derozan/ Lowry in my old phone/ I should call him and go home/ I've been loyal way too long" and "I don't think I'm conscious of getting buckets/ In Game 4 I said fuck it and it all goes bad," the new track perfectly encaptures the essence of what DeMar meant to the city. 

As fans continue to deal with the loss of their star player, Kawhi's presence will likely be recognized once he makes an impact on the hardwood. Even Drake penned a goodbye message to DeRozan as he makes his way to join the Western Conference with the San Antonio Spurs. Check out the lyrics below and let us know which version you prefer.