It must be incredible to be as successful a rapper as Drake, as he can just something that belonged to him back from when he was in the beginning of his career and sell it for thousands of dollars. That's exactly what's happening now, as Drake's old spiral notebook from when he was writing lyrics for his debut Room For Improvement mixtape has gone up for auction.

According to XXL, The lot is found on Nate D. Sanders Auction House, and contains some interesting insights into Drake's early creative process. Lyrics for his early songs, and potential tracklists are found on every page, showing his thoughts as he prepared for his first introduction to music.

There are even some stray thoughts floating around the pages. For instance, on one page Drake notes that the keys to success are: "You Need: The Greatest Song Ever...Maxwell or D'Angelo Feature, Andre 3000 Produced Track, Indie Arie Feature, Usher Feature, Voyce Feature." It seems he's made it pretty far in his career without most of those things, but it's interesting to see what his priorities were at the time.

The lot is set to go up for auction this Thursday, June 28th, and has a minimum bid of $8000. If you think this is too much just to pay for an old notebook, think again. The last time an old journal of Drake's went up for auction, it fetched a decent $54,000 price tag. That's the kind of draw you have when you're one of the top rap artists in the world.