Before becoming the biggest superstar in the world, Drake was a young Torontonian chasing his rap ambitions. Though his backstory as Degrassi's Jimmy is well documented at this point, a new rock has been flipped over, bringing forth another amusing revelation. Thanks to sleuth-work originally put forth by members of the KTT forum, it was discovered that Drake contributed to an album called "Hip Hop Dance Mix," a kid-friendly album curated by The Superstarz. 

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The album, which consists exclusively of covers, featured Drake vocals on at least three cover tracks. First, he raps Fabolous' verse on the Like Mike classic "Basketball," before delivering a full-fledged cover of Lupe Fiasco's "Kick Push"; he also kicks it old school on track three, Run DMC's classic "It's Like That." For the most part, Drizzy's contributions are recognizable enough to pass (unless this is the work of a convincing soundalike, or God forbid, a "deepfake app"), though it's unclear when this one was actually recorded to begin with.

Curiously enough, streaming services have the release year listed as 2013, which feels impossible given the extent of Drake's fame during that period. It's entirely possible that he opted to secure an additional bag on the low, but it's equally likely that The Superstarz simply had some pre-fame Drizzy vocals in the cut and figured it was time to Carpe some Diems. At this stage, the mystery has yet to fully unravel, so be sure to enjoy "Basketball," "It's Like That," and "Kick Push" while you still can.