Drake's "In My Feelings" off his new album, Scorpion, looks like it has a music video in the works. In a tweet posted just last night by Cousin Carl, Karena Evans appears to be directing the video in New Orleans, the city from which "In My Feelings" takes its sound. 

The song not only takes the New Orleans bounce sound, but also samples some rappers from the city; there's a clip from Lil Wayne's "Lollipop" ("But shawty, I'ma hit it, hit it like I can't miss") and from the late Magnolia Shorty (Magnolia, as-in the projects from which Drake's label-boss, Birdman, hails). Drake isn't the only non-NOLA artist to take the bounce sound though. City Girls, who also feature on "In My Feelings," are from Miami and have been wondering how Drake knew enough about them to sample them, but also to dedicate one his choruses to them, using their government names Resha and J.T.(who is now in jail, but will get a "free JT" shout-out in the video). The Miami duo just came out with a new video for their own song Sweet Tooth.

Aside from getting a video, "In My Feelings" has also started the latest viral dance craze, with videos from Odell Beckham Jr and Ciara. It's too early to tell if the final video for "In My Feelings" will include the viral dance or not. However, there's no doubt that the video itself will be a viral hit regardless of whether it piggybacks on another one or not, as it's being directed by Karena Evans, who also did "God's Plan," "Nice For What" and "I'm Upset." Watch the original "In My Feelings Dance," the shiggy, below: