Page Six is running a report that elucidates the point of inspiration for Drake's "God's Plan." Turns out the music video wasn't just a charitable endeavor with a musical silhouette, as many of us were led to believe.

Noah "40" Shebib is quoted as stating that a leaked snippet helped the ascertain the song's potential. It's entirely possible that had the song received a negative response, plans for a music video would have been invariably scrapped, thereby dashing any hope of Drake forking over cash to the less fortunate.

"It was clear (right away) what we had,” said Noah "40" Shebib, who produced "God's Plan" alongside Cardo, Yung Exclusive and Boi-1da. "We knew it had to be released."

The next factor that went into "God's Plan's" deployment was the video concept, Drake kept hidden from the record company, for fear they would, in turn, would be frayed by the 7-figure total incurred in its hypothetical budget. After choosing his wording carefully, Drake and his team eventually optioned the idea to Republic chairs Jim Roppo and Kevin Lipson, and marketing guru Mike Alexander.

All three men were completely wowed by synthesis of Drake's idea: the sublimation of "genuine moments" for the purpose of cross-marketing. In sensing they stood a high chance of clearing their overhead sum, several times over, the Republic execs opened up their checkbooks and asked, "exactly how much, and where do I sign?" No word of a lie.

The video was a really special moment for all of us," Shebib told Page Six. "And possibly more real than anyone will ever understand." Us as in "OVO," anyone as in the rest of us "poor folks."