Everybody is talking about the "God's Plan" music video. For good reason too, as Drake is calling it "the best thing he's ever done in his life." The now-infamous music video depicts Drizzy giving away nearly a million dollars to unsuspecting parties in Miami and many have praised him for his charitable acts. Much like the buzz surrounding the video is still substantial, many are trying to capitalize on the success of the Canadian superstar's project, with Jimmy Kimmel being the latest source trying to cash in on the success.

Jimmy Kimmel asked his audience last night about the video, asking them if they had seen it, saying, "It's very popular. It has, like, 36 million views in the last five days and it has inspired a lot of people, including our own Guillermo." Kimmel continues to explain that Guillermo was so influenced that he decided to create his own version of the clip, while not nearly donating the million bucks that Drake did. Guillermo's version is humorous, allocating $100 to the effort and hitting the 99 cent store to buy one article for each person. There was a catch though, as Guillermo would not spend more than 99 cents per person, so don't even think about trying to sneak a pineapple by him, folks.

Drake has been very serious in maintaining that the visuals to the Scary Hours track are the most significant thing he has done in his life, and he plans to continue sharing the wealth. Watch the Jimmy Kimmel Live! version of "God's Plan" below and let us know how you think it stacks up to the original.