Drake may have delivered a 25-track album just two weeks ago, but he saved some bars for a round of UK freestyles. The Toronto rapper first showed up for a Link Up TV's Behind Barz segment where he seemingly came for Kanye West, though, naturally, he named no names. 

Seen 'em in person, I'm seein' a ghost
They told me relax 'cause they're takin' control
Take all that shit up with P and his bro
I wish you the best, let me know how it goes
Wanna be free and I wanna let go
We came around and you showed us the most
I know so much shit that I cannot expose
I keep it inside and I laugh on my own

Back to the basics, I won't lose
They wanna link when they got no chunes
They too worried 'bout sellin' out shoes
I don't give a fuck about jeans and crep
Or goin' to Milan or goin' to the Met
I just wanna make these songs for the set
I just wanna load that and let that wet

Just a week later, he's appeared on Charlie Sloth's BBC Radio 1Xtra for a Fire In The Booth freestyle. Though his targets were less clear in these verses, he still seemed to be firing warning shots.

My house museum-scale
The only skeletons here are the ones from the nights I raised hell
Make sure the staff are paid well
Make 'em think twice 'bout the stories that they tell
No one knows when the plan is hatchin'
I'ma let 'em walk on eggshells
Tiptoe, n***as better know

Tricks up sleeves, have 'em playin' innocent
To get the shits I need
Loyalty is priceless to me and this I see
Before I ever seen this shit tatted on P
And tatted on C and tatted on me
I speak truth and get to shatterin' dreams
So it's best to tiptoe, n***as better know, yeah

Almost instantly, there was talk on Twitter about which of the two freestyles was stronger, as well as how they compared to some of the legendary verses from other artists in the same format. Check out some tweets debating the quality of the new Drake verses and cast your vote below.