The line of whiskey that Drake launched last year, Virginia Black, has a new advertisement that stars Drizzy himself and his father, Dennis Graham

Drake's More Life hit "Passionfruit" is heard as we see the rapper/singer pick up a glass of his fine whiskey where his attention is taken over by a woman dancing and seemingly looking his way. They both start walking towards each other, but Drake gets curved by another man who's right behind him. That man happens to be his father, who asks Drake to hold his drink and tells his son, "nice turtleneck."

Drizzy is left wondering what just happened while the ad ends with Dennis and his signature catchphrase, "One Sip, and Wooh!" Check out the video below.

Drake has just wrapped up his Boy Meets World tour that was in Australia, where a few of his performances made headlines. Just this past Saturday he was performing in Melbourne when he took a moment to comment on his fans clothing, as he usually does, where he noticed someone wearing a Free Meek shirt. Despite the two rappers past feud and the number of diss tracks sent back and forth, Drake still showed respect for Meek's recent prison sentence that many hip-hop acts are trying to revoke. "I see you got the Free Meek Mill shirt," he said to the fan. "Free Meek Mill too, for real. You right."

Last week at a more intimate show down under, Drake paused his set to call out an audience member for groping women inappropriately. In the video we shared, you can see Drake stand up on his booth and point to a fan saying, "If you don't stop touching girls imma come out there and fuck you up."

Clearly, Drizzy doesn't have time any women feeling uncomfortable at his shows.