With Drake's More Life project rumored to be dropping any day now, fans are looking for updates anywhere they can find them. Today, a few keeners found excitement in a post from Dennis Graham, otherwise known as Drake's Dad, which seemed like it could be hinting at a March 5th release date for the project.

Dennis has not historically been the most reliable relayer of information, and as it turns out, a close reading of his Instagram caption revealed that he was not referring to Drake's More Life (despite the cover art and hashtag), but his own performance at Delilah in West Hollywood. While he opens with "Tonight's the night," he buries the lede of the performance until the last sentence, conveniently hidden behind a series of hashtags and emojis. Needless to say, this wasn't the news the OVO fanboys were looking for.

Did Dennis, who appears on the cover of the upcoming project, intend to mislead fans in the service of self-promotion? It certainly seems that way. While such a move is infuriating to the stans, we can't help but give him props for such a successful troll.

Last we heard, Drake's trusted collaborator, Noah "40" Shebib, was still in the process of "finishing" More Life. The good news is, if the project is in his hands, it's likely in the final stages of mixing and mastering.