Drake cemented his reputation as a no-holds-barred bad ass rapper when he hit Meek Mill with "Back to Back." The song is so disrespectful that he promised never to perform it again right before embarking on the Boy Meets World tour. 

Genius reports that Toronto rapper/producer Nav helped producer Daxz create the beat on the classic diss track. At the time of its release, he even tweeted his feelings after working for the emcee.


Nav apparently worked on the melody with Daxz before the latter sent it to Drake. Sources say as soon as Drizzy got the beat, he started working on the lyrics and the record dropped the next day. Nav got writing credits for his labor.


It's unclear how much the song changed after Nav helped craft the beat because the credits suggest the Noah "40" Shebib and the 6 God polished it afterwards. Nav even tweeted he was stunned when he first heard the final product.


Though Nav remained unnoticed by the mainstream, there is no doubt his work caught the ear of industry insiders. He signed to The Weeknd's XO in February 2017, and had his first high-profile production credit on Travis Scott’s "Beibs in the Trap."