As he enjoys life outside of prison, Drakeo The Ruler is back to putting in work. The rapper was released from prison last month and now that's he's free, there have been rumors regarding what he has in store for his career. One thing that Drakeo won't be doing, according to him, is signing a record deal after he told The Bootleg Kev Podcast that he's not interested in sharing his earning with a label.

"Yeah, for sure, a lot of people," Drakeo said when questioned about being approached about deals. "I mean, they were doing that when I was in jail." Bootleg Kev wanted to know what it would take for Drakeo to sign on the dotted line because the podcast host shared that he didn't think that the rapper needed a label deal.

"I don't," Drakeo replied. "I'm the most influential person to come out of here like, everybody wants to be me. Always said that. It be rappers that be like, I want to sign him. I'm too big of a rapper to be signed to another rapper. I don't know, I get enough money for them to be like, trimming my money or giving me, fronting me some money and then I gotta pay it back."

"Like, how am I gonna pay it back right now, anyway?" he added. "If I signed a deal, how am I gonna pay that money back? Can't do no shows. C'mon, bro. I'm not r*tarded. How am I gonna pay it back?... It's like, all them people that signed all them deals, now they in debt now." Watch the clip of Drakeo The Ruler's appearance on The Bootleg Kev Podcast below.