It is an unfortunate time for anyone celebrating a birthday in these months and likely, for the foreseeable future. COVID-19 has kept the world on lockdown for nearly two months at this point. Clubbing and partying have been put on hold or replaced by group chats on the Internet and many are left with their imagination to wonder what a birthday celebration might be.

Today marks Meek Mill's 33rd birthday and his friends are left sending their wishes from afar. Meek's once-nemesis made a concerted effort to share a message to Meek Mill for the world to see. "Millions!!! More life on your day my brudda. I'm pissed the world isn't ready for Rubin to drag us somewhere against our will," Drake said. "But we'll rub it back soon as we free up. Hoping this next run around the sun brings you more funds and more fun and you keep serving dem till it's all said and done woiiiii @meekmill." The message was sent along with a photo from the "Going Bad" video shoot with an apparent Michael Rubin lookalike in the background. 

Surely, Drake and Meek aren't the only ones upset at the fact that they can't be outside these days. But, once the world is at least partially restored, there's no doubt that Rubin will be taking them on some rich folk adventures.